Sirona Sirodem


Cost-effective solution for water treatment.

Fully desalinated water. For laboratories and dental/medical practices. Why purchase expensive distilled water? The SIRODEM water treatment system allows you to produce purified water simply and at low cost.


  • You save up to 80 % compared with bought-in water

Reliable water quality

  • Constant water quality. No deterioration quality through storage.

Geared to your individual requirements

  • You produce only the quantities of water you really need. Large-capacity cartridge needs replacing only at infrequent intervals


  • No more malfunctions – no more unnecessary interruptions. Autoclaves and instruments last longer.

Clean instruments

  • No corrosion, pitting or stains on the instruments

Standard equipment

  • Conductivity meter (analogue), measuring range 0 – 50 S/cm
  • Cartridge filled with high-quality resins
  • Untreated water hose 3/4″
  • Purified water hose 3/4″
  • Wall-mounting bracket
  • Recommended quality
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