Hyperion X5 2D


Perfect for me, ideal for my practice. With Hyperion X5 I get immediate diagnoses, I can motivate my patient and my work, and I can get the most out of my time. Just right for you.

Hyperion X5, it’s easy.

Compact and easy to use. Capable of being installed onto any wall suitable for an intraoral X-Ray. Out of our experience, this product represents the best solution for every dentist.

  • Setting-free
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time diagnostics

Easy, it fits.

A refined, clean, essential, ultra-compact design. Hyperion X5 is the smallest in the world and can be installed in any practice: all you need is one wall!

  • Compact design
  • Wall-mounted
  • Easy installation

Light and compact like an intraoral X-Ray, for a full world of possibilities. All you need is one wall.

Easy, it diagnoses.

The diagnostic features you need in just one touch. Accurate diagnoses for different requirements, from adults to children, essential programs for your needs, in a few, simple steps.

  • High quality panoramic imaging in just one touch
  • 18 diagnostic programs
  • Orthogonal bitewing dentition
  • QuickPan (low dose)
  • MultiPAN Function

Easy, it helps.

User-friendly. Quick. Setting-free. Hyperion X5 gathers in itself all the technological innovations that simplify the workflow of your practice. Everything proves therefore to be simple and intuitive. Immediate access, facilitated visual control, intuitive interface. Interacting with a panoramic imager has never been so simple.

  • Focus-free
  • MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology)
  • 3 laser guides
  • Firm support with self-blocking wings
  • Virtual console
  • Facilitated access (even on wheelchair)

Easy, it connects.

Hyperion X5 shares its own images with all the PC’s present in the practice thanks to the image management iRYS software, common to every MyRay device.

It is possible to send images with a TWAIN protocol to every compatible management software.

Hyperion X5 is an open system: the virtual console, available both for WINDOWS systems and as iPad APP*, enables a remote control of the machine and a visualization of the images acquired on tablet.

Managing and archiving the images is practical and quick: because of that, we have conceived a powerful platform capable of interfacing with third party systems, thanks to the DICOM protocols and other communication methods.


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