NitraDem E/A


NitraDem E/A ensures excellent water quality by providing demineralized water that clinic staff can manually fill in the DAC Universal, or other autoclaves.

The ion exchange system of the built-in NitraDem filter ensures the highest possible water quality, and this is monitored at all times via the NitraDem control panel. The filter is particularly long-lasting, and is easy to replace.

NitraDem E/A provides an economically attractive alternative to the fully automatic NitraDem D/C water treatment system, and provides water of the same high standard. It is also available with a water pistol that makes manual filling of the DAC Universal even easier.

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The NitraDem E/A uses the NitraDem filter for producing demineralized water from standard tap water. The capacity of the NitraDem filter varies according to the hardness/ softness of the feed water in the clinic. The softer the feed water, the larger capacity of the NitraDem filter.

The ion change system of this highly efficient water filter ensures a constant flow of high-quality demineralized water. The constant low mircosiemens level allows the full use of the filter before a critical mircosiemens level is reached and the filter must be changed.

  • Input water: Soft (50 micosiemens) Hard (500 micosiemens)
  • Output water: 3 micosiemens 3 micosiemens
  • Output capacity: >400 Liters 200 Liters