Prophylaxis Instruments

Handpieces with interchangeable heads and contra-angles with detachable cups are the only instruments that can be fitted to motors rotating at 40,000 rpm.

Apart from superior comfort and extended service life, Bien-Air prophylaxis instruments in particular offer high resistance to abrasive cleaning pastes and can withstand constant and repeated sterilizations.

Ref: 1600290-001

Contra-angle handpiece without light or spray, speed reducing factor of 15, screw or clip cup interchangeability.
Pack comprising:
1 CAP 15:1 Prophy
5 screw cups
5 clip cups

Ref: 1600289-001

Handpiece without light or spray, speed reducing factor of 10, for standard disposable heads.
Pack comprising:
1 PMP 10:1 Prophy
2 straight heads and 2 contra-angle heads

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