Sirona DAC Universal


Get cleaner handpieces and turbines with the DAC UNIVERSAL combination autoclave and save time in the clinic. Cleaning instruments before sterilizing them is essential for successful sterilization.

The DAC UNIVERSAL is able to clean the internal channels of the handpieces, contra angles and turbines. During the external wash the instruments are washed twice with cold water (pulse wash) and once with hot water. This process removes biofilm and dirt faster and more effectively. It is normally very difficult to clean the channels manually. The DAC UNIVERSAL is able to thoroughly clean the instruments both internally and externally, thereby ensuring they are optimally prepared for sterilization.

Tests have shown that the number of repairs to handpieces, contra angles and turbines are reduced as a result of the fact that dirt is removed from the internal channels in the instruments and thanks to the extremely thorough and consistent maintenance of the instruments. This extends the lifetime of the handpieces, contra angles and turbines. The absence of dirt in the internal channels reduces the amount of repair work resulting from damage caused by dirt inside the instruments.

  • Voltage: The DAC UNIVERSAL is a multiple-voltage machine, which means that it can operate at any voltage level between 90–240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1,1 kW
  • Water Quality: Demineralized or distilled water (< 3 µS)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2,0 l
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 0,2 l
  • Height Open: 60 cm
  • Height Closed: 35 cm
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Depth: 37 cm
  • Installation: The following installations are necessary: Pressurised air (there is a pressure regulator built into the machine)